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DreamTemplate *doesn't* honor its 30 day unconditional refund policy. I might have just lost $129.95 but my Visacard is helping me dispute the charge.

I have *never* been a victim of fraud so I trusted Telson and even corresponded with him for 2 months until I am sick of his misleading replies I have reported DreamTemplate to bbb.org, ftc.gov and ic3.gov.

Last I heard from DreamTemplate(27 Apr 2008) he wrote " We will process your refund. You will soon receive it."

And *no evidence* thereof.

If you can overlook their *unethical* business practices you might enjoy DreamTemplate... Just don't jump on the offer too quickly ( Most already know- for the record, the price increase is *fake* ...it recurs daily)

If you deal with DreamTemplate...watch out for the following Scam tactics I personally suffered:

1. Telson takes *days* to reply to complaints as opposed to the few hours he takes for normal support.

2.Telson will not outright tell you your refund is rejected, just keep asking you to confirm your cancellation.

3. He may tell you "We will process your refund. You will soon receive it". And *no* evidence thereof.

Don't wait any longer. Save all correspondence and ask your bank to help you with a chargeback dispute on your credit card before 60 days are out.

Good Luck, guys & gals.

I hope my Complaint will help others.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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