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You may have noticed that the prices on DreamTemplate are incredibly inflated. As of today, 29 April 2008, when I visited, Website templates were listed at USD 2400 and Flash Template priced at USD 3500.

They are not even unique which means that after you pay thousands of dollars for a template, someone else could come along and use it for their site, negatively impacting your brand’s credibility.

As most people already know, nowadays you can get professional, unique websites designed for as low as $50 by bidding on freelance sites like or For around $300, you can get a custom design by an experienced, reputable designer.

This leads me to mention DreamTemplate’s overinflated Price Scam.what I thought was *very* inexpensive membership fee. Little did I know, there is an ugly story behind their collection. In 2006, DreamTemplate took the *free* open source templates that have been distributed for years, lightly modified them and offered them as *unique* templates at $400-600 to customers. This was extremely misleading if not outright fraud. Because customers could pay hundreds of dollars for the websites only to discover that half a million people on the net have already downloaded the same template for years, for free.

I recommend that people avoid DreamTemplates for ethical reasons. These unscrupulous business people know exactly what they are doing. Even their price and product offers are misleading. Don’t be a fool like me, I trusted Telson to process my Refund request made only 3 days later and wasted hours writing 6 emails from 21 Jan – 29 April.

Absolutely *no* progress until I contacted the relevant authorities, cancelled my previous credit card and involved my bank in a chargeback dispute.

Affiliates – please be aware that if you promote businesses with poor business ethics, it will reflect badly upon you as well. I hope my experience will be helpful in factoring the commission vs reputation equation

This caused a storm of controversy among the group of designers who discovered DreamTemplate was deceiving ignorant customers with their free open-source designs. (As seen from a blog post dated 13 September 2006 by Andreas Viklund.

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While the templates are nice, buyer beware. If there is a problem with a template (in which case I found out the hard way after buying it),you will not get support from them.

You only get the runaround (I've been dealing with them for 6 months on one issue and still don't have the solution). They don't listen, give canned responses, want access to your secure ftp (even after you're provided them with all the files necessary to fix the problem and even told them which area of code the problem lies in) and say the problem is not on their end, which I can clearly see is when I test it.



I tried DreamTemplates for a couple of days, but found that my limited experience didn't do justice to the templates. I decided that I needed to know a bit more about HTML and have enrolled on a course this September.

I found the service department extremely helpful when applying for a refund. This was sent to my PayPal account the next day.

Thanks again DreamTemplates for your good service. I will be marketing your site on shopping mall that is being made for me at present.


:( Horrible. I had them for two days and wow..

wish I never subscribed. Service and Support, concept clearly foreign to them.

Templates, while some are very cool, they pitch that the stock photos are included - not, and some other things are included - not.



dreamtemplate and templatemonster type sites are complete bullsh!t and a ripoff.

search, you'l be glad you did.



I love dream template. Thier the best web template company out there right now. I agree with Maria, Luma you should of done your Homework prior to making a purchase.


Newsflash for Lumi, Your $300 website created by a freelance or a bidder is using Dream Template or someone similar. You are never going to get something at that price without using a template.


I've been using Dream Templates for almost a year and couldn't be happier. If you use them for what they are intended to be, "templates" ...

they can certainly cut down on the time spent creating something from the ground up. That time saved allows me to quickly offer my clients many design options.


Dream Templates ripped me off too, I signed up when they said buy basic and get premium upgrade free...

I never got the upgrade, when i asked they said they had no promotions running.. total ***. I have cancelled my account with them and I urge anyone else to AVOID dream templates like the plague


I will be honest,I do not think that Dreamtemplate is a scam, I think that Lumi didn't his or her homework, Lumi purchased a template for God knows how much to later find out that some template were cheaper somewhere else. It's Dreamtemplates perogative to put whatever price tag they want, it's the consumer's problem if they are dumb enough or smart enough to buy it. :upset


You are *** to use a template for any customer, but for $60 you can have 6000 websites that with minor tweaks and image/text replacement can become great unique works. I personally use the site for my "gotta have it fast" customers as the tableless designs are amazingly high quality. and to reiterate Ryan, I'd hate to see what you got for $300, I do not do work for under 1.5k and believe the 40-100 hours I put into each of my clients site a year is worth that at a minimum.


I'd love to see what you get for $300 from a rent a coder. Usually ***.

I personally won't touch a site for under $2000. And that would be a brochure ware site. Are the prices inflated? Yes.

Probably to make the $59.00 subcription price seem like that much more of a deal. These sites are a good deal for junior coders who want to get some solid design basics.

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